Space Shuttle Columbia Tribute

This time of year is when NASA and other organizations remember and honor those astronauts and support members who have been lost in tragedy: Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia.

This being the 20th anniversary of the Columbia STS-107 accident is especially meaningful to my wife Anne and I, as she spent years putting together her sonic tribute to that crew.

If you feel some connection to that event, you may be interested in listening to her album ‘Columbia: We Dare to Dream’. Set aside some quality time, as it’s over an hour in length.

You can find out more about Anne’s project at her website.

On the Radio

As far as I’m aware, a piece of my music had its first radio play ever.

NC triangle-area DJ, producer and musician Treee City included a track of mine in the 11th episode of his excellent Rainforest Café program. The program aired on WXYC, the college-radio station at UNC Chapel Hill.

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Tracks Music Library

In the Spring of 2020, I had some good fortune. My album “Walking on Roots Leaves No Trail” was accepted into the first edition of the new Tracks Music Library.

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Walking on Roots video

Here’s the video I made recently for the title track of the album ‘Walking on Roots Leaves No Trail‘. I don’t think I need to say much about it, since that’s what videos are for, right? Enjoy!

Special thanks to the following for providing the still images used in making the video:
NY Public Library Digital Collections:

An Eclectic Playlist

Got eclectic musical tastes like I do? Here’s a Spotify playlist for you that I’ve been putting together and enjoying the heck out of.

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Walking on Roots… Album Sampler

Here’s a simple way for you to get a taste of the entire Walking on Roots Leaves No Trail album. Just one minute from each track, and you’re there. Enjoy!

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