Walking on Roots Leaves No Trail

An electronic, instrumental album that roams the landscape between ambient, soundtrack, and world musics. Best suited for inward adventuring in seclusion, or as your background soundtrack while keeping a low profile out in the hungry wild.

album cover: Walking on Roots Leaves No Trail

BD Cabrera’s album Walking on Roots Leaves No Trail is now available!

You’ll find it on all the usual download and streaming sites.

buying the CD

Bandcamp is our top recommendation for buying. They pass more benefit to us musicians than any other source by far. And when you order from them, your CD goes directly from our place to yours.

People still seem to like the convenience of Amazon for adding to their CD collections. It’s far better for Amazon than it is for us, though. Please use CDBaby as the Amazon supplier if you can. They’re great.

Or you can listen to the tracks right here, and then purchase digital downloads through bandcamp. There’s a ‘buy’ link at the top of the player below. (You can buy the whole album, or just individual tracks.)